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There are 3 qualities we all look for in a good amino acid.

1. Ingredients | we want the amino to do its job, and not be loaded with unnecessary sugars.

2. Taste | nothing is worse than a bitter, chalky amino that is hard to get down.

3. Affordable | a high dosed amino can be costly, and we don’t want to break the bank on a luxury supplement like amino acids.

We at BTN know what you want and we have delivered!

✅ 7 grams of BRANDED instaminos™️ . This gives you a name you can trust and quality assurance.

✅ 1.5 grams of hydration. A blend of coconut water, potassium, and sodium. Hydration is essential to muscle growth and muscle repair.

✅ Great taste. Great mix ability. No chalky texture.

✅ Amazing price point.

3 flavors

  • California limeade - an amazing California Cherry that pairs perfectly with a hint of lime.
  • Huntington Sunrise - feels like you took a bite out of the Huntington Beach, California sun. 
  • Red Jolly - A refreshing watermelon punch Jolly candy