Why Biotech Nutra?

Biotech Nutra is not like other supplement companies. This is because we make products first and foremost for ourselves.

We are athletes first, and a business second. We train too damn hard day in and day out to settle for average products.

F**k average!

Our relentless drive to excel, and to push the envelope with our products, means that we will always be on the cutting edge of the science of performance supplementation.

Innovation has no limits!

We truly believe that innovation has no limits, and we are proud to share out best in the industry products and apparel with you.

Welcome to team BTN 

Team BTN Athletes

Andre "Daii" Ewell

Professional fighter / UFC Athelete

Daniel Bork

National Level NPC Bodybuilder

Cameron Wright


Nick Terry

USAPL powerlifter

Kameron Martinez

USPA powerlifter

Geoffrey Bond

NPC Classic physique

Setting the Industry Standard for Quality

Every product is carefully formulated and manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality raw materials.  These seals are your assurance that what you are putting in your body is safe and incredibly effective. 

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